State of the Raid: Victory!

Warlords is over and we here at Thundering Hammer cannot thank all of you who helped our Anvil raid enough!  You guys did an AMAZING job.   At the start of the last expansion we set a goal to offer access to PvE content for a guild made up primarily of PvP players.  Our objective was simply to clear normal before each new content tier dropped.  You all did that and more!

By the time Legion launched The Anvil raid had transitioned through three separate leadership teams over the course of the expansion, conquered Heroic mode for every tier and helped some folks get a Moose that probably would never have seen that Achievement were it not for you.  What an awesome expansion pack you guys had!

Now that Legion has arrived it is time to look ahead and start preparing for the next leg of the journey.  The first wing of Emerald Nightmare opens on September 27th!  That means you’ve got roughly one month to get geared up and be ready for the first night of raiding.

Hit our sign up form to let us know what you’ll be playing and we will see you in game.


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