Legion Launch Livestream

Can’t be at your PC to login right as Legion launches?  Not to worry!  Thundering Hammer has you covered with our Legion Launch Livestream.  Our very own Battlemaster Sabin will be leading the charge into the broken Isles and live streaming the entire non-stop trip from 100 to 110 on our official Twitch channel!  Tune in and watch him go starting at 3 AM EST Tuesday, August 30th.

We will also have a number of other guildies streaming their Legion content both through Twitch and Facebook Live so keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter feeds and if you see a flagged Hordie running around on a war wolf on Feathermoon, stop and wave!  That’s probably one of us and you might be on candid camera!

Thundering Hammer Twitch Livestream

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