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Hello, and welcome to the Forge – the home of Hordecore Rated Battlegrounds, hosted by the Thundering Hammer Clan.  Last expansion we hosted the highest rated RBG team on our server, the largest PvP community on any RP server, and the best environment in which to engage in BGs, World PvP and general mayhem anywhere.  We have a 10 year history of outstanding PvP and Warlords of Draenor will be the latest chapter in an ongoing saga of kicking Alliance ass.  Are you ready to be part of that?  Then keep reading.


Let’s face it. We all want to see our ratings soar into the high 2000s and beyond; we all dream of glory and those beautiful mounts reserved for the .5%ers. Will we get there?  Who knows, but we’re going to go as far as we possibly can and build a culture of excellence in PvP that is unrivaled in our Battlegroup or on any RP server.

That being said, our initial goal is to break 2000 and keep on going while maintaining a group dynamic that promotes fun times. Reread that sentence. There are 2 points that will now get reiterated: 1) rating, and 2) fun, not necessarily in that order. Good things happen to those that work hard and play hard. If you’re with us, we’ve determined that you know what you’re doing and you’re pretty cool to have around, which means you will help us hit those two main points back in that first sentence.

RBG Times/Start Date

Season 16 begins Dec 2.  It is our intention to begin running Rated BGs on that date or as soon after it as schedules and gear will permit.  Exact days and times are still to be determined and will be based in large part on member availability.

Gear/Other Requirements


RBG Roster(s)



Even fun endeavors have to have some rules.  These are ours.

  1. Respect Your Teammates. This should go without saying, and if this is lacking, you may not be with us for long. You don’t necessarily have to be best buds with every single person, but respect is REQUIRED.
  2. Be On Time. We queue at start time. Please be on earlier to get ready and get grouped. When you sign up for a group, you commit to being there, and there are nine other people counting on you to keep that commitment. Sure, this is a game (see that previous fun part), but the time spent playing is real.
    If you can’t make it, let an officer know as far in advance as possible. Is it almost starting time and you know you’re going to be late? Please let us know. We can’t start on time if we’re trying to find a last minute replacement, or are waiting to see if someone is going to show. Our RBG team (and THC in general) is a pretty tight knit group, and if you don’t already have one or several ways to get in contact with an officer or teammates out of game, chances are you will soon.
  3. Real Life comes first. We understand this and our guild/teams/raid live by this mantra. Stuff happens and things come up, just please be considerate of your teammates and your commitment as much as possible.
  4. Give/Receive (constructive) Criticism with Grace and Aplomb. RBGs are fast-paced, and decisions are made on the fly in response to the action. Obviously, there will be times when mistakes are made, calls are missed, and things could have just generally gone better. There will be times we’re frustrated. We’re going to discuss these things. There’s another sentence to reread. Actually, scratch that. Here it is again: We’re going to discuss these things. Not yell at or berate team members for not knowing how to play their classes, nor rage quit after a loss to make a point. Discuss. Every single one of us will make mistakes, and we all have room for improvement. Let’s use these as learning opportunities in order to get better as individual players as well as a team.
  5. Be Flexible. If you have more than one character that is RBG geared/ready, let us know! We do have to worry about group composition, and we’ll try to go with your main as much as possible. In the event of absences, however, knowing you have other characters that can rotate in is a big help. Better you get to run on another character than not at all!
  6. BG. BG. BG. Do professional sports teams only have to show up on game day? Nope. They practice individually and together as a team both on and off season. You’ll find your teammates, as well as other THC members, running BGs together daily. Join us! It gives us the opportunity practice our teamwork and to get to know each other and our play styles better while outside of an actual rated match.
  7. Vent. This is our guild method of voice communication. See an officer/teammate for the server/password.
  8. Speak Up. If you’re having any type of issues, let us know. We will do our best to help.
  9. Don’t Be A Dick. Funny, this seems to be a running theme through many of these expectations.
  10. Have Fun.  It should go without saying that we’re all here to have fun right?  As long as we keep our priorities in order and our attitudes in the right place, that’s what will happen.


So – if you’ve made it this far with us and are interested in being part of Feathermoon’s best and largest competitive PvP community, hit the sign up form below and let us know!

Rated Battlegrounds Application

Fields marked with a * are required

Please list each class and specialization combo that you are willing to play in Raid. Please do not list any classes or specs that you are not interested in spending the next several months on. There will be a minimum time commitment that we ask of you so if its not something you genuinely want to play for an extended period DO NOT include it in this list.

Briefly describe for us why you would like to join our competitive PvP community.

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