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<Thundering Hammer Clan> [RP/PvP/PvE] [Horde]
The Home of Hordecore Gaming since 2004
US RP Feathermoon/Scarlet Crusade
NA RP-PvP Grobbulus

RP: Casual to Serious | Raiding: Casual to Moderate
PvP: Casual BGs, Serious BGs, Organized WPvP

Our Story

Thundering Hammer Clan is an original World of Warcraft guild founded in December 2004 that has hosted the longest running PvE raid on our live retail server, led the infamous battlegrounds A-Team that produced over a dozen of Feathermoon’s first High Warlords, organized countless city raids and World PvP events and founded and hosted the cross-server Horde RP event The Kosh’harg which brought together hundreds of players from 30+ servers to celebrate Horde lore and culture. Over our time in Azeroth we have worked year after year to build up the Horde community, provide access to content for hundreds of players at every skill level and foster cross-guild cooperation in our tireless effort to crush the Alliance. We have never wanted to be the largest guild or knock down server firsts but rather we have focused on building lasting relationships in and out of game that ensure that no matter what content we pursue we will be doing it among friends, sharing laughs and making memories. To that end we have expanded our operations over the years to include guilds and groupings in other places including SW:TOR, Overwatch, HotS, on Steam, XBox Live, PSN and Nintendo Online.

Our Values

We value people over progress.
We value teammates who know to put real life first.
We value servant leadership.
We value fun together, regardless of the setting.
We value determination and patience.
We value loyalty and friendship.
We value Horde lore and culture.
and we love fields full of Alliance skeletons.

World of Warcraft: Classic

We are looking to bring our experience, expertise and leadership to the community to help our brother and sister guilds on Grobbulus Horde succeed at 40 man raiding, at PvP gearing and at World PvP.

To that end we will be looking to help push key and attunement quests and five man groups as well as to supply manpower, logistical support and experience to MC/BWL/AQ and Nax raids from folks who have already succeeded at all of the above in the Classic setting for the folks looking to recreate that experience in Classic.

We likewise plan to host a number of Horde lore and culture centric RP events that we hope will encourage the Horde RP community on Grob and help build long term connections and hopefully great storylines within our faction.

Last but not least we plan to bring our discipline, organizational skills and tactical experience to BGs and WPvP. There are no heroes in this Horde – only warriors willing to fight and die for the good of the Clan. We will share the methods that helped us crown dozens of High Warlords without having to spend 40 hours a week in BGs and the tactics we’ve used to terrorize the Alliance and break every organized enemy WPvP force they dared to muster for the last fifteen years using patience, skill, disciplined behavior and psychological dominance. This is the team that broke the multi guild Guild Watch alliance and we’re coming to Grobbulus to do more of the same. Check out a few of our videos to get an idea of the things we enjoy:

If this seems like the sort of fun you’re interested in having, we should get together and talk!

(WoW Classic Edition:) Kalimdor and Lordaeron – sanctuaries for outcasts and rejects. Here the Horde has carved out a measure of peace in the midst of troubled times but darkness hovers just on the horizon in every direction. Thorgrun Gorefist has gathered to himself a loyal band of fierce warriors with a singular purpose: crush the races of the Alliance and secure a new age of prosperity and dominance for the Horde. To leave to the next generation a land free from the threat of demons or marauding human and elf armies.

Never having forgotten the wounds he suffered and the death he witnessed in the elven woods during the Third War Chieftain Thorgrun has sworn an oath of vengeance against the demigod Cenarius and his arrogant Night Elf servants, and has thus set the Clan it’s first task: to slaughter every sharp eared assassin and moon worshiping harlot that draws breath under the shaded leaves of Ashenvale.

Here in the heart of the Barrens they will make their stand, and on the blood soaked fields of battle all across Azeroth they will win glory.

For our ancestors.  For the Clan.  AND FOR THE HORDE!


Recruitment into the Thundering Hammer Clan is done relationally. We do not recruit characters, we recruit players. We don’t care what you main, what your SR is, or how much DPS you pull. That is not what’s special about you. We believe in building a strong community first and foremost, which means we care about your personality and who YOU are. The people we play with are more than just “internet friends”. We’ve been in each other’s homes, shared meals, tragedies and triumphs and you’ll often find us discussing real life in Discord or in our out-of-game group chats. As such we ask that prospective candidates first work to spend time in game and in Discord with our members, engaging in group activities and spending time getting to know people. After spending a few weeks with us if you would like to join the Clan we ask that you approach a member of our Officer team and make your interest known. The officers will then ask among the members for a sponsor who will help walk you through a brief Interview process and your induction into the ranks of the Clan.

All members coming through either version of WoW are initiated into the Clan through an in-character RP and PvP event.

Members of the Clan are expected to uphold our guild’s values, to place the needs of their Clanmates above their own, to respect RP and the RP environment, to bring honor to the Clan through their attitudes and actions, and to frustrate, harry, harass, or eliminate Alliance combatants at any opportunity. RP within the Guild is encouraged but is not required and is expected to be mature, suitable for public consumption and conducted with a proper respect for others and for one’s surroundings. Likewise PvP participation is encouraged but not strictly required. World PvP is absolutely one of our favorite things, and it should be one of yours as well if you’re wanting to be a part of what we do but no one is going to twist your arm to participate in any aspect of the guild’s life.

To find out more about the recruitment process visit our New Recruits page.

Peak Times

(7 PM – 12 AM EST)
Thundering Hammer Clan has members all over North America, though the bulk of our membership is concentrated in the Eastern and Central time zones. Combined with the fact that most of our members are career adults, often with families, that means our peak times tend to run from 7 PM to Midnight EST on weeknights with the greatest amount of player concurrency happening around 9 PM.

Find Us Online

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ThunderingHammerClan/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheAnvilLords
Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/thunderinghammer
Discord: Message for Invite

Video and Streaming
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ANycmxsvc3k
Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/thunderinghammerclan

Sample Photo Albums

Contact Us


 ConfigSysboy#1466 |   ConfigSys.boy!#0189

Retail (BfA) Raid Lead


Officer Team

 Snowlace #6576





 Renfield#1667 | THC#9587





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4 thoughts on “About the Thundering Hammer”

  1. Hello! I saw your post on the WoW Guild Forums and after having read the post AND website in detail, I can confidently say that the THC is by far the most poised Horde clan I could find with the right mindset and ideals for a great, organized and fun experience for Classic.

    My wife and I are excited to start our adventure on Grobbulus and, due to our previous history of running into toxic and elitist guilds over our time spent in Azeroth (and Draenor), we would love to join your ranks!

    I have sent a friend request to ConfigSysboy#1466 (mine is Foxhound4206#1512) and would love to chat about our personalities and get to know you and the clan better!

    We are CST, with kids/jobs and have discord as well!

    I look forward to hearing back from you all! Classic can’t come soon enough!

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