WoW: Classic Signing Day

The time is upon us!  The Classic launch is nearly here and many of you in our community have announced your intentions to join in on the old school fun.  Blizzard has announced the server names and types for WoW: Classic and we have started a discussion in guild chat to decide where we are collectively going to land.  To help everyone stay on the same page and to aid with name reservations for folks who can’t be there when the character creation opens we are announcing Signing Day 2019!

Come join us on Discord Monday, August 12th starting at 5:30 PM as we announce our intended server selection and work together to reserve names for ourselves and all our working friends.  If you’re planning on rolling with the folks from Thundering Hammer this fall in Classic this is an event you don’t want to miss!

Here’s the server list as it stands right now:

Name Type Time Zone
Atiesh Normal Pacific
Mankrik Normal Eastern
Myzrael Normal Pacific
Pagle Normal Eastern
Name Type Time Zone
Faerlina PvP Eastern
Fairbanks PvP Pacific
Herod PvP Eastern
Thalnos PvP Eastern
Whitemane PvP Pacific
Name Type Time Zone
Bloodsail Buccaneers RP Eastern
Grobbulus RP-PvP Pacific

Where will the Hammer strike for Classic?  Join us for Signing Day and find out!

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