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IMPORTANT UPDATE: As we are transitioning to Legion we may not be using the Karma point system any longer.  This will depend greatly on our raid composition and whether or not the Guild Master Looter option is available to the raid given our numbers.  A final decision will be made in the coming weeks.

Currently using a Ni Karma system for loot, details as follows:

Gaining points.

Points are gained in the system by attending raids. 10 points are given for each raid attended. Partial raid attendance will result in partial points given. Points are capped at 100 total, and you cannot go into negative points to desperately take an item. Decay will kick in after 4 consecutive raids absence (2 weeks totally missing every raid), and will decay at 10 points per raid missed thereafter( ie it will take 7 weeks total to go from 100 to 0).

Hitting the cap should hopefully not occur too quickly, if you go an entire 5 weeks of raiding without getting a single piece of loot… the loot gods hate you and you should find the nearest shrine to offer sacrifice at.

Spending Points.

Points are spent when loot is dropped. If you choose to use your points, they will be added to your random roll, you always have the choice to roll without using your points. If you win the item when using points, your point total will then be halved. If you choose to use points and do not win, no points are lost.

If you have a 50 point lead over another bidder, the other person is automatically removed from the bidding, but will cost you points. This is done for a number of reasons, if I have two raiders at 100 points and two items drop that both want, I would prefer it if each person got a piece of loot from the situation. This also prevents someone coming in and getting main spec loot over a person who has committed significant time to the raid just because they rolled a 92 versus a 22.


Tracking will be done via the google sheet above, I will have it open during raid to make updates in real time, points are awarded at raid end time. If your points total for a particular week is negative, that is because you got loot, be happy, your current total will always be shown under the Current Karma column.

Final Notes.

The system is set up to reward long term effort whilst not completely ruining the chance for new members to get loot. If we have a complete tier on farm, ie we spend a night farming Normal Highmaul and a then a night on Heroics, we will use personal loot for the normal night because at that point, hopefully everyone has most of their gear and is only after one or two choice pieces.

If an item is only a minor upgrade for one player but a major upgrade for another our leadership team may step in and politely ask a player to pass on loot for the benefit of the entire team. If this bothers you, please remember that one of our primary expectations is that each member of the team is going to do everything in their power to help the raid.


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