|Raids: The Anvil|

“There in the dust and the heat, the stifling air of the cavern beating against him he labored.  His eyes fixed on anvil and hammer, arm swinging tirelessly in the fire-lit gloom he forged the steel of conquest that would spill the blood of thousands on as yet unseen new shores. “

– Chronicle 23,  The Oral History of the Former Clans, as collected and transcribed by Miradi Coldspring


The following is a summary of the goals, expectations and preliminary plans for Thundering Hammer Clan’s muli-guild raid group. While as a guild we are hosting, providing logistical support and leadership for the raid it is our intention to invite members from multiple guilds. While it is our intention to field a raid that is primarily made of guild members, invite preference will not be given based on membership but will be based on player availability, compositional needs and a player’s adherence to the standards and expectations of our leadership team.



Goals and Values
Loot Distribution

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