Applying to the Raid

If you’ve made it this far, thanks for staying with us! We know its a lot of information to take in, but if you have questions or feedback we invite you to speak to any member of our raid leadership team directly.

If after all of that you are still interested in joining The Anvil, please fill out the attached form below. Please remember that this application does not guarantee you a raid spot. Neither does membership in the guild. We will consider every applicant on their own merits and compare what each player offers with our compositional needs and let you know if we have room.

Also keep in mind that as each new tier of content is released (and as new expansions are released!) the raid’s needs may change. Additionally real life circumstances often cause players to have to adjust their schedules, which can also result in changes in the raid roster. Just because we don’t have a spot now doesn’t mean there won’t be one in the future. Lastly we also know from experience that providing a raid for adult professionals who also happen to be awesome gamers often means needing people on hand ready to fill in when someone has to step away. So stay in touch! Join us in our in-game community chat channel TheAnvil on Feathermoon/ScarletCrusade and keep your eyes open for news, updates and requests from the raid leadership team there, here on our website, and of course on all our social venues.

Lok’tar Ogar, warriors!

Victory for our Ancestors – and FOR THE HORDE!

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