Ashran, Hellfire, Beta

The Ashran Steamroller Rolls On
Wondering what we’ve been up to lately? Well the Ashran pain-train keeps rolling. You can often find us queued into Hydra premades or taking over Hydra premades outright. We’ve got some fresh video up today of a recent foray where members of Thundering Hammer took the reins on a Hydra After Dark run and proceeded to spend 3 hours farming Alliance and giving away conquest like candy to PuGs and pre-made group members alike. Check out 18 minutes of the kill farming below:

Hellfire Progress Continues
Friday and Saturday night Hellfire is still going strong. The new plan seems to be working and we are on the cusp this week of a new first kill in Heroic. If you’re interested in joining the Anvil in Hellfire be sure to sign up on the calendar event or contact Loudhoof, Menuo, Kheetah or Mackh asap!

Legion Beta is in the House
Several of our members are active in the Legion Beta and we’ve been streaming some of their progress through our Twitch channel. Tune in regularly to see what to expect from the new expansion and keep your eyes open for some upcoming video exports to our YouTube channel.

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