Summer Fundraiser

Each year at this time we take a few minutes out to remind everyone that our website and voice server costs are covered out-of-pocket by our members. Throughout most of the year Malk and Teevi cover this cost themselves but every year generous members of our guild chip in to help see things through the summer and fall months.

If you have enjoyed hanging out and chatting, coordinating in PvP, making progress in raid and being a part of this amazing community could you take just a moment of your time and help us keep things running smoothly? Just use the button below, or visit our Donations page here on the website to contribute. Any donation helps and monies raised go directly toward offsetting the cost of operations. Thanks in advance for all that you do to make Thundering Hammer a great place to play.

For our ancestors.
For the Clan.

UPDATE 04 July:

We are currently funded halfway through August. Your generous donations are greatly appreciated! Help us meet our goal of getting through the summer and into Fall!

75% (funded into August)



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