Way of the Horde: Totems of the Shu’halo Chieftains

A hefty, tanned hide, branded with the seal of the Horde at the top, and a pair of crossed hammers at the bottom, is nailed to the supporting beam of a nearby building with a thick iron spike. The jagged, runic script of the orcs is inked upon its face in the ruddy tones of Kalimdor. Feathers adorn its length, sprouting outward at every angle.

Warriors of the Horde, look upon the mighty Tauren!

For generations beyond counting, the Shu’halo have roamed the vast plains of this land. In the search for wisdom, they have traveled on the trails of the great hunt, and they have walked in the footsteps of the Earthmother. When the wicked Khans of the centaur rode their armies across these dusty steppes, baying for blood and spoils, the Tauren defied them! The Tauren endured! But still, they lived as wanderers, living only where the seasons and the hunting would permit. But no more! Now the Shu’halo have a home!

Warriors! The time has come to honor our allies with food and drink and song! The time has come to gather beneath the banner of the Horde and the Icon of the Earthmother! Brothers and sisters, the bluffs of thunder have shouted your names to the winds. Do you hear them? Answer the call! Come, and seek the wisdom of their totems! Come, and seek the council of their chieftains!

Come, and bring honor to the Horde!



What: An open roleplay event centered around Tauren history and culture, led by some of the most storied names in Feathermoon RP.

Where: Meet at Thunder Bluff. We will gather around the bonfires and tell our stories until stars fill the skies overhead.

When: Monday, the 27th of May (Memorial Day) from 6:00pm-8:00pm (time subject to change).

Other Info: Q&A and some discussion are expected and encouraged. We also look forward to seeing Horde roleplayers from different guilds and communities gather to share stories, laughs, and casual RP.

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