Meet the Thundering Hammer: Saelida

Saelida Thundermoon began life as Saelida Moonwind, the daughter of a druid father and shaman mother. The tauress lost her father, a Cenarian Council member, at a young age to to an orc ambush. This led to a fierce distrust of the lot of them and, for obvious reasons, she is in no way a fan of Garrosh, or any orc, for that matter. Her mother succumbed to illness and age a short time after the death of her father, leaving Sae an orphan. She quickly packed her things and headed out for parts unknown.


Life led her to Ebon Thundermoon, and her clan, the Thundermoon Tribe. Through hard work and perseverance  she was awarded the title of Dawn Gazer because of her nurturing ways with other Tribe members. Now known as Saelida Thundermoon, she met and fell in love with Pommura, also of the Thundermoon Tribe, and were welcomed into Thundering Hammer.

Sae’s inclinations tend to be on the feral side, and she will rarely shift to her tauren form. When she does, she still retains many feral characteristics. Her battle scars are barely visible beneath her markings and fur, but she has earned them, as she is a fierce opponent on the battlefield.

Saelida is a well respected and loved member of The Thundering Hammer Clan, and is always willing to lend a hand…or paw…to a fellow member in need.





Care to learn more about Saelida? Check out her feathermap page here, or strike up a conversation with her in-game!

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