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The Garrison feature in Warlords of Draenor is a central feature which impacts every other area of your game play.  This includes PvP!  One of the biggest mistakes we often see among PvP players is the assumption that your Garrison is a PvE endeavor or that it doesn’t impact your play if all you do is PvP and nothing could be further from the truth.  While it is true that the bonuses on the Garrison buildings will not impact your Rated play, every other facet of PvP – random Battlegrounds, Ashran and World PvP – can all be enhanced by selecting the proper buildings for your Garrison plots.  What follows is a guide for your Garrison end-game.  There are other building sets that are far more advantageous for leveling up your Garrison and of course others which you will prefer if you are a raider first and foremost – but if your entire game revolves around piling up Alliance corpses like cordwood then these are the buildings for you.

Large Plots


horde stablesThere are several benefits the Stables offers, particularly in outdoor combat but only a couple will be of real import to the regular PvPer.  The first perk you’ll get from the Stables that will matter is the ability to stay mounted for common actions.  This Level 1 perk is mainly for speaking to quest givers or interacting with vendors or other objects.  That won’t help you in Battlegrounds but it will be a minor time saver in Ashran and out in the world.  At Level 2 this perk also lets you gather resources while still mounted and this is invaluable both for gathering on PvP servers and in Ashran (think Tuber and Songflower collection.)  The Level 3 perk is largely superfluous – it gives you a 20% speed boost in outdoor Draenor zones which can help with resource collection but since it does not stack with class or guild speed bonuses it is unlikely most will actually derive benefit from this perk.  The Stables also has an interesting set of quests for taming mounts to add to your collection if that’s something that you care about.

Goblin Workshop

This building is one of the two most important for the PvPer, putting tools into your hands that will directly impact your combat in Ashran and in WPvP.  The two big ticket items you will gain access to are the N.U.K.U.L.A.R. Target Painter and the Overcharged Demolisher.  The Nuke becomes available at Level 2, has 2 charges with a 1Hr Cooldown and will be available every day.  It is a guaranteed spawn in your workshop every day.  The Demolisher becomes available at Level 3 and is also a daily spawn as a Work Order that costs 100 resources and takes 20 hours to craft. The Demo has a little less than 100k health and does a non-trivial amount of damage when used.  As long as you re-up the Work Order every time you take one from the Workshop you’ll be guaranteed one Demo per day and since they can stack you can stockpile multiple Demos for use.

horde goblin workshop

Those two gems are not the only benefits you receive from the Workshop however.  There are a number of other, smaller items that can prove advantageous in Ashran and WPvP  such as the Sentry Turrets and the Skyterror.  Don’t sleep on these smaller tchotchkes, they are situational and it is random which ones you’ll have access to on any given day but some of them are gems waiting to be exploited in the right circumstances.


Medium Plots

Gladiator’s Sanctum

The big keystone building for PvP is obviously the Gladiator’s Sanctum and everything in this building is PvP focused.  The first thing you’ll start doing with the Sanctum is collecting bones.  Bones everywhere!  If you PvP like we do you are very soon going to have more bones than you know what to do with – but don’t fret.  They stack up to 1000 and you can dispose of entire 1000 stacks easily so they don’t take up too much bag space.  The main thing you are going to be using these bones for is the Sanctum Work Order, which will give you gold, gear (which you will sell for more gold), honor AND conquest points.  

There are also a couple of other little gems which will come out of your Work Orders in the form of Super Sticky Glitter Bombs which lock Rogues and Druids out of stealth for 15 secs and Sinister Spores which reduce incoming healing on the target by 50%.  The REAL headline on these two items though: usable outside of Draenor.  That means city raids, old world PvP and random battlegrounds.  This alone makes the Gladiator’s Sanctum the single most important building on this list if you regularly PvP or if you are on a PvP server.

But wait – there’s more.  The Gladiator’s Sanctum is also your pathway to the Highmaul Coliseum at Level 3 where you will earn your Lord of War title and have a chance at the most broken PvP item in the game: Unleashed Mania.  75% health and damage boost, while usable only in Draenor (and Ashran of course) is nothing to be sneered at.  Unleashed Mania is not a guaranteed drop in the Coliseum so you may have to run it several times.  The Sanctum is also where you’ll pursue your Warlord of Draenor title and the various racial kill quests which are essentially only completed in Ashran.  (Yes, we think this is dumb too – all PvP kills should be eligible.)


Say again?  Yes – the Tavern.  Not because it
gives you anyWoW_6.0_Horde_Tavern_v3_AD_01 direct PvP benefit (it doesn’t) but because you PvP all day and that means you’re probably broke.  The Tavern can help you with that.  By recruiting followers with the Treasure Hunter trait you can turn your Garrison Mission table into a gold farm that will not only help
pay your repair bill but may also, when combined with some judicious use of the Auction House, pay for your subscription through the new WoW pre-paid token.  Gold production has been a perennial problem for PvP focused players that has sent many of us to the wilds to farm for rare materials to sell but the Garrison has helped us out significantly this xpac by giving us multiple streams of income.  Use the gold missions on your Table, boosted with multiple Treasure Hunter followers, sell the gear from the Sanctum and use excess honor to buy previous PvP tier weapons to sell back to the vendor for gold after two hours and you’ll be seeing steady growth in your bank account in no time.


Small Plots

The Tannery

I bet you didn’t think that profession buildings would even be on this guide did you?  If we are looking for the Garrison layout with maximum PvP efficiency however – we can’t leave out the Tannery.  There’s only one item you’re looking for here and it comes from attaching a follower with the Leatherworking trait to a Level 2 Tannery to gain access to their supply of Tents.  (Recruit Ka’la, a leatherworker, by completing the “Gronnlings Abound” garrison quest from your mission table.)  These tents provide a 10% stat boost for 1 hour, are BoA so they can be mailed to other characters on your account, stack up to 5 of each type and can be used ANYWHERE outdoors throughout the entire game.

Tailoring Emporium

If you like stat bonuses then you won’t want to stop at the Tannery alone – you’ll want to also grab yourself a follower with the Tailoring perk (try Pleasure-Bot 8000 from the New Owner quest in Talador) and assign them to a Level 2 Tailoring Emporium to gain access to the Inspiring (30% health boost) and Fearsome ( 5000dmg/3secs AoE) Battle Standards.  These only work in outdoor Draenor zones, but that includes Ashran.  These Battle Standards do share cooldowns with your other standards (you DO have the Horde Battle Standard, BOTH Vol’jin’s Battle Standards and your Frostwolf Standard right?)

The Forge

guardian of the forgeLastly we visit the Forge which can offer you the (4 hour!) buff ‘Solace of the Forge’ which will randomly summon a Guardian of the Forge to fight alongside you in outdoor Draenor zones.  To get access to this you will need to assign a follower with the Blacksmithing trait to a Level 2 forge and then speak to them.  (We like Weaponsmith Na’Shra for this, obtained in Frostfire from the Smeltcraft quest).


Obviously many of the perks and buffs offered here are limited to Draenor and their greatest utility will be in outdoor zones on PvP servers or in Ashran.  You’ll want to customize your building selection to match your play style but as you can see now there are a few gems hiding under the surface here, and for those of who who spend a lot of time outdoors in Draenor or grinding out Panda kills in Ashran stacking these perks can result in a significant power increase in combat situations.
Have fun out there collecting Alliance tears!

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