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Happy New Year!

First of all my apologies for not posting last week, I was a little lazy and that is all my fault, but I do hope everyone had a good break and are enjoying the New  Year.

On the 4th of January we achieved our first Ko’Ragh kill and this week was once again really good to get a repeat of all our kills to this point. There are a few things in particular that I wanted to note from this weeks raid:

1. Loudhoof did an awesome job stepping in whilst Jagr was away. Tanking is never the easiest job and we really appreciate the way in which he stepped up to fill a necessity for the raid. Knowing that we have people who are prepared to adjust and adapt and do what is necessary to get kills makes life so much easier for a raid. Life is only tough when people pass up tough jobs because they’d rather get big dps numbers. So I wanted to publicly say thanks to Loudhoof, and all of our tanks and healers too for “doin the dirty work” and getting the job done.

2. I was really happy with Imperator and Heroic attempts. We got to Phase 3 of Mar’gok which is an achievement, but we’re also only about a third of the way through that fight as well. The last couple of phases and the intermission are rough, particularly for healing. Our main focus on that needs to be getting our dps numbers up and in the right place to keep everything moving smoothly. The attitude and effort from the raid on both Mar’gok and Heroic Twins is much appreciated.

So now it behooves me to look forward a little ways. I wanted to take the chance to throw down somewhat of a map for the next couple of weeks so that everyone had an understanding of the direction of raid.

First and foremost, the plan is to hopefully repeat our normal kills on Friday nights, and hopefully make that a 6/7 normal + Heroic Kargath night. The reasons for this are obvious, we’ve not been overly lucky with healing drops, and most of us could use a bit more gear. We’ve also had interest from a few more people and if they would like to come to raid, getting them gear as well is important so that we can move onto Heroics with a raid ilvl closer to 645-650.

Saturdays are when we do most of our work for new kills. At the moment I would still like to set aside time on Saturday to do attempts on Imperator so we keep learning the phases of the fight, I know myself I was out of position a lot and more repetition will help fix that for all of us. But at the same time I don’t want to just grind on Imperator, so I would like the second hour of Saturdays to be aimed at new Heroic kills.

Heroic Butcher is a simple fight, but requires us to hold a steady dps level of about 19k each, whilst having at least 1 healer for every 4 members of the raid, currently we aren’t quite there yet, but I will be keeping an eye on our normal kills and if it looks like we might be getting close we may take some shots.

More likely though, we will do what we did last Saturday and head to heroic twins and then tectus. These fights have a high amount of damage, the bulk of which is avoidable, and whilst we didn’t get a kill on Heroic Twins, dropping them below 50% is a major achievement and shows that we are on the path to getting that kill. There was significant improvement between attempts and this always leaves me with a feeling that a new kill is just around the corner.

I’ll leave it at that for now, a long-ish post already. Know that all your efforts are appreciated, and if we keep pulling together for each other and doing what needs to be done, the bosses will keep falling.

And when you’re thinking about Mar’gok and his phases, always remember:

Yeah, Intermission.

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