Hammerfall Fridays Move to 10M

Thundering Hammer’s Siege of Orgrimmar Flex Raid is transitioning to 10-Man for greater progression. Rosters are set but there is still room for some regular alts to fill in!

The Hammer continues to crush all enemies of the Clan! Our Siege of Orgrimmar Flex Raid has had an outstanding run the last few months in partnership with our allies from Sword and Quill, Riders of Eternity and Dire Circumstances, but it is time to move onward! Raid Leader Braksus has announced that starting this week the Friday raid time slot will be reserved for our 10-man guild. The Wednesday night run will continue to be reserved for the Flex group to work on Garrosh for the next few weeks but eventually both days will be dedicated to the 10-man group.

The current 10-Man Hammerfall roster is as follows:
Tanks: Kaha, Menuo
Melee: Braksus Drezzer
Ranged: Draugadrotti, Cyhireath, Zarashunda
Healers: Snowlace, Degas, Kheetah

The alternate roster is still in progress so if you are interested and can be available on a weekly basis to fill-in please contact Braksus directly in-game.

For our Ancestors,

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