Kosh’harg Spring 2014 Sign-Ups

It is time once more for the semi-annual gathering of the Horde – the Kosh’harg!  Last year’s inaugural event was a runaway success and a watershed event in Warcraft history, bringing together over 150 attendees from dozens of different servers for a ground-breaking RP event rooted deeply in old Horde culture and lore.  (Check out some of these awesome screenshots from last year’s event!)  This year is going to be even bigger and better!

Sign ups are open right now!

What’s a Kosh’harg?

Before the invasion of Azeroth and the corruption of the Orcish clans the Kosh’harg was a semi-annual event held in Nagrand on the spring and autumnal equinoxes.  Part spiritual pilgrimage, part festival it was a time of feasting and storytelling where the normally insular and proud Clans would mingle.

Hosted by the Thundering Hammer Clan and the Horde guilds of Feathermoon, the 2014 Spring Kosh’harg will bring together roleplayers and lore enthusiasts from across the entire spectrum of Warcraft life in a one-of-a-kind cross realm event this spring on March the 20th from 9PM EST (6PM PST) to 12AM EST (9PM PST).

This year’s events include a Procession of the Clans where your guild can show of their own unique style, a Great Feast filled with food and fun, a themed Story-Telling Competition and of course the annual Blademaster Tournament held in the Ring of Blood.

More information about each event is on the way next week, but you can sign up your guild group or individual character to attend right now!  Please be ready to include the name of the character you will be bringing, or the name of the guild your group will be representing (exactly as it appears in game!) as well as your Battle.net BattleTag so that we can coordinate with you and your group to make sure you are cross-realm anchored in one of our event raid groups on the night of the Kosh’harg.

Anticipation among last year’s attendees has been building for months and this year’s festival is going to be even bigger and better!  Come help us make the 2014 Spring Kosh’harg THE in-game event of the year.  Sign up today!

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