Realm Connections for RP Servers (Updated 4 Apr)

Back in February Blizzard announced that the first batch of RP-Server realm connections were finally on their way.  Citizens of Feathermoon and other RP servers have been wondering for quite some time when their names would appear on the connection list and who they might be paired with and now it seems some answers are finally on the way for a few of our brothers and sisters in the RP rules set universe.

To help you keep it all straight we’ve compiled a list of RP servers below along with estimated census data (from WoW Realm Pop)* and announced connections and connection dates.  Remember that these population numbers are based on number of characters at 90 on the servers in question and may not be reflective of concurrency numbers or total player population although statistically we would expect the same or similar levels of deviation from true population on each realm. We will keep this list updated going forward for all our friends and neighbors who value the immersion and community that our RP servers offer!

Thursday, February 6:
COMPLETED!  Kirin Tor (50k) + Steamwheedle Cartel (41k)

Thursday, February 13:
COMPLETED!  Farstriders (44k) + Silver Hand (67k)

Thursday, March 13:
COMPLETED!  Feathermoon (83k) + Scarlet Crusade (55k)

Thursday, March 27:
Thorium Brotherhood (39k) and Farstriders/Silverhand (111k)

Sentinels (39k) and Kirin Tor/Steamwheedle Cartel (91k)

No Date Listed Yet
Blackwater Raiders (46k) + Shadow Council (59k)

DELAYED: Cenarion Circle (70k) + Sisters of Elune (41k)

Not Yet Listed:
Argent Dawn (82k Characters)
Earthen Ring (94k Characters)
Moon Guard (151k Characters)
Scryers (40k Characters)
Wyrmrest Accord (134k Characters)

RP-PvP Maelstrom (42k Characters)
RP-PvP Lightninghoof (41k Characters)
RP-PvP Twisting Nether (40k Characters)
RP-PvP Ravenholdt (38k Characters)
RP-PvP The Venture Co (30k Characters)



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