HAMMERFALL: 10-Man Throne of Thunder Raid

Casual 10-man Throne of Thunder Raid – Now Recruiting!

Current raid membership:

Dukago – Tank – Protection Warrior
Kaha – Tank – Protection Warrior
Snowlace – Healer – Mist Weaver Monk
Alldredge – Healer – Discipline Priest
Kheetah – Healer – Restoration Druid
Matsu’jin – DPS – Elemental Shaman
Jaserah – DPS – Frost Mage
Zarashunda – DPS – Elemental Shaman
Roma – DPS – Frost Mage

What we currently need:
Tanks (2)
Healers (3)
DPS (4)

The Thundering Hammer Clan has a well-established (and well-deserved) reputation as one of the largest, most effective and most influential PvP guilds on Feathermoon. We are also leaders in the server’s RP community. There is no reason why we cannot be effective (albeit casual) raiders, as well. In conversation with Thorgrun and some friends several months ago, the topic of 5.4 and the Siege of Orgrimmar came up. Thorgrun admitted that, while the Thundering Hammer Clan may play an important role in the fall of Garrosh Hellscream from an RP perspective, it is likely that none of our members will ever get to see the actual fight with the Warchief, unless its in LFR. And I think that’s a missed opportunity for us. I think we can see that content if we want to. There are guilds out there right now who are not as skilled as us, who are not as experienced as us, who are not as geared as us, who do not have our level of communication and coordination, and who do not have our drive (both in-character and out-of-character) to see these bosses die … and these folks are not only conquering the current end-game content; they’re also making it look easy. I’m here to tell you that we can do that, too.

Our first and most important requirement has nothing to do with the iLvl of your gear, your personal damage or healing output, or effective mitigation: the first rule of HAMMERFALL is that we always remember that we’re members of the Thundering Hammer Clan first and foremost, and members of a raiding group second. This means that if a guild event (meeting, Thunderlord ceremony, Way of the Horde RP gathering, etc) falls on a day that we’re supposed to raid, we don’t raid that week. The HAMMERFALL raid is meant to enhance the overall THC experience, not to take away from it. This also means that if you’re a member of our talented and successful RBG and/or Arena teams, and you don’t think you can juggle both PvP and PvE content at once, then we expect PvP to take priority. We have a reputation as a powerful and effective PvP guild to uphold, and I won’t allow that reputation to be diminished on my watch.

Just remember: Guild comes first, Raid comes second. No exceptions.

As for the actual Throne of Thunder requirements? The absolute minimum I’d like to see in terms of gear rating is 480. That’s the iLvl required to gain access to LFR Throne of Thunder. Since we’re talking about 10-man Normal Throne of Thunder, 480 is the lowest I think we can realistically go. I’d like to see 490, personally. And over 500 would be best. For reference, I’m currently at iLvl 505, and I’ve geared up entirely through LFR Throne of Thunder.

I would ideally like everyone to be familiar with all of the Throne of Thunder fights ahead of time. We’ll only be raiding for one night each week, so it is imperative that we use our time wisely. This means we shouldn’t need to be explaining fights the night of the raid. There are a number of ways for you to become familiar with the encounters ahead of time: you can speak with me directly, and I can give you an overview and access to some instructional videos; you can read through the in-game dungeon and raid journals; you can even run yourself through LFR a few times. Now, I know that the encounters in LFR are toned down considerably, compared to the ones we’ll be seeing in Normal 10-man, but I still think its critical that everyone experience the LFR content first. This will allow you to be familiar with the fights in a very hands-on way that is also relatively low-stress.

In terms of DPS requirements? Given our current suggested raid composition (10-man Normal, 5 DPS), we’ll need our raiders to be able to consistently pull between 82k DPS (the requirement for Jin’Rokh the Breaker) and 107k DPS (the requirement for Lei Shen, the Thunder King). For reference, I currently pull about 105k DPS while unbuffed and in LFR iLvl ~505 gear. So don’t worry, the DPS requirements are tough, but not too difficult; if I can do it, you can do it.

[note] I will absolutely work with people to improve their tanking, healing or DPS. All you have to do is ask. Nobody will think less of you for asking for some help to improve your performance. That’s what we’re all here for, after all. I mean, if I switched my focus and decided to start PvPing with you guys, I’d be talking to Zarashunda and figuring out what my target priorities are, which glyphs are useful, how to set up my hotkeys, etc. Because let’s face it, guys, PvP and PvE are two entirely different things, and they require entirely different skills. Do not be afraid to ask for help! I will gladly help you in any way that I can!

We’ll need to set up a proper time for this raid. It needs to be on a night when we don’t have any RBG teams going, and we don’t have any other obligations. I’m open to suggestions on this. Please let me know what works best for you.

The Hammer has fallen on the kingdom of Stormwind. It has crushed the Council of Ironforge. It has felled the great branches of Nordrassil to expose the Kal’dorei cowering beneath its boughs. Its time we turned it toward a new target — lets raise it high above our heads, and shatter the Throne of Thunder for the glory of Horde!

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