Meet the Thundering Hammer: Lakota Matsu’jin


(Artwork courtesy of Kost/Krahe)

Lakota is the second son of Ekevu, a Firetree warrior, and Lumusi, the first of his slave-wives. Lumusi was a proud Bloodscalp woman, taken north into Amani lands against her will after the Firetree led a violent series of attacks into the deepest valleys of Stranglethorn for its resources.

The spirit of the Trollish people is one of pride and anger, violence and death; to wield the ancestral powers of the Loa, Lakota must be attuned to those energies. He must become them. For this reason, and for many others, the mantle of the shaman is excruciating at times; in the days of his youth, Lakota endured a series of horrific trials meant to bind himself to the ancient tribal totems of his people. When these rituals were complete, he took upon himself the name “Matsu’jin”, which means “the one who bloodies himself”.



Although it pains him greatly to spill the blood of fellow trolls, it oftentimes cannot be avoided — When the Gurubashi tribes grew lean and desperate, and turned once more to the Faceless One, Matsu’jin and his allies called forth ancient tribal magicks to break the ritual seal of Zul’Gurub, exposing the black heart that beat within. When the great Zul’Jin, bandit-king of the Amani, was driven mad by the Horde’s betrayal and allegiance with the High Elves, Matsu’jin led an expedition into Zul’Aman to put him out of his misery. When the Drakkari brought great shame upon the race of trolls by cannibalizing their own Loa spirits, Matsu’jin made certain they paid for their crimes. Now, the Zandalari seek to reforge old alliances with the Mogu, and rekindle their worship of the Soulflayer, Hakkar … and again, troll blood must spill.

Alongside Quashi Degmarlee, Matsu’jin has helped to raise once more the banner of Obeah Chakari, an organization dedicated to fighting for the freedom of all trolls — from the blaspheming false gods, from the tyranny of the Mogu and their Thunder King, and from the Horde itself, if necessarily.


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