Kosh’harg Spring 2013

A hefty, tanned hide branded with the seal of the Horde at the top and a pair of crossed hammers at the bottom is nailed to the supporting beam of a nearby building with a thick iron spike. It is covered in a rough, jagged script of deep brown ink burned to the surface.

[quote]Throm-ka Warriors of the Horde!

For generations before their betrayal and corruption our people lived at peace with the elements.  We honored the spirits of our ancestors and we fought to defend our homes and bring strength and glory to our Clans.  Twice each year, when the day and the night held equal sway, all the Clans would gather together in the sacred fields of Nagrand and seek counsel from the spirits at the Holy Mountain of Oshu’gun.

It has been decades now since our people have gathered together for the Kosh’harg, but now the spirits of our ancestors call to us once again, calling us to return home and seek their wisdom for our troubled times.  We face turmoil and upheaval on every front.  Our warriors fight for new lands, our forces are bolstered by new allies, and our way of life faces new and dangerous threats.  More than ever we need the wisdom of our ancestors to guide us.

Return to the ways of our fathers.  Let the Clans be gathered together once more for the Kosh’harg!

For our ancestors,

and FOR THE HORDE![/quote]

Greetings once again fellow Roleplayers, Storytellers and Lore Enthusiasts of the Horde!

Thundering Hammer Clan and the roleplay community of Feathermoon Horde are pleased to invite you to an amazing new, first of it’s kind event for Horde players on Feathermoon and all our neighboring cross-realm role-play servers.  Join us next month, March the 20th, on the Spring Equinox for the first ever Kosh’harg!

What is the Kosh’harg?
Put simply, the Kosh’harg is a gathering of the Clans of the Horde, the likes of which has never been seen (or even been possible) before now.  It is part spiritual pilgrimage, part tournament, and part raucous feast and if you are a Horde player who respects Horde culture and lore we want to see you there!

Buried deep in the labyrinthine annals of Horde lore are a few rare references to a traditional bi-annual gathering of the Clans on Draenor before and during the rise of the Horde.  Set in Nagrand and centered around the holy mountain of Oshu’gun the festival was held twice each year on the Spring and Autumn Equinoxes, when day and night are of equal length.  For the duration of the festival the numerous Clans would gather from all over Draenor and lay aside their feuds and disputes in order to honor the Spirits of their ancestors and to seek their guidance at the Holy mountain.

The festival was a centerpiece of Horde life for generations, a single thread of unity that bound all of the disparate Clans together.  Legend says that it was at the Kosh’harg that Durotan of the Frostwolves and Ogrim Doomhammer of the Blackrock first met and became friends.  It was at a Kosh’harg that Ner’zhul first formed the united Horde, and it was at the Kosh’harg that the first Warchief was selected.  The rich tradition and historical significance of this festival to the Horde cannot be overstated – and now the time has come for us to gather the wide and varied Clans of the new Horde together once more.

The Spring 2013 Kosh’harg
Next month, on Wednesday, March the 20th during the Spring Equinox we will gather the Clans, not just of Feathermoon but also of our Cross-Realm Roleplay neighbors together in Nagrand for the largest gathering of Horde Roleplayers ever seen.  Come join us as we watch the Clans process into the festival in all their glory, as we seek the blessing of the Elements and our Ancestors on our Clans, as we compete in games of strength in the Nagrand arena, as we feast together in our ancient home, and as we share stories and fellowship with the brave warriors of the Horde.

Many events are planned, prizes will be awarded, and in-game memories will be forged that you and your Guildmates will carry with you for the rest of your time in World of Warcraft.

To help facilitate a great event for all involved we are asking for interested parties to sign up as individuals, or as guilds, using the form linked below.  We are also looking for volunteers and volunteer coordinators to help with setup and maintenance for our events as well as donations for the many prizes that will be awarded.  More details about each specific event will be posted here in the forums over the next several days.  If you are interested in serving as a volunteer or in contributing materials to the event, please contact Malkavet, Jinglz, Cantoria or Urtogg in game or hit the Volunteer sign up form, linked below.

Join us next month and let’s make Horde history!

For our Ancestors,


Attendee Sign Up Form

Volunteer Sign Up Form


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