Announcement: New Way of the Horde

(A hefty, tanned hide branded with the seal of the Horde at the top and a pair of crossed hammers at the bottom is nailed to the supporting beam of a nearby building with a thick iron spike. It is covered in a rough, jagged script of deep brown ink burned to the surface.)

Throm-Ka warriors of the Horde!

The history of the Horde is built upon the sacrifices of great heroes – legendary warriors who carved a path for us in steel and blood. We remember their names in our cities, our fortresses – even the very land itself whispers the echo of their sacrifices for the sake of their Clans. Not all their choices were noble though. Not all that we have endured has been glorious or honorable and the spirits of our ancestors cry out that we must learn from their mistakes so that the Clans may never witness such dishonor again.

On the first moons-day of the second month, Urtogg Bloodslayer, scion of the Warsong Clan, veteran of the Burning Blade and Raider of the Thundering Hammer will tell the story of our corruption and the fall of the Clans to the twisted will of the Burning Legion. Chieftain Thorgrun Ashgrip invites all brave warriors who wish to avoid the mistakes of our past, preserve honor among the Clans and bring glory to the Horde to meet him at sunset on the appointed day among the burned and blasted remains of what was once the Black Morass where stands the Dark Portal.

Lok’tar, for our ancestors and for the Horde.


(( The second in our continuing series on Horde culture and history, all Horde are welcome to join. Interested Alliance parties should come on their Horde alts. There will be no translation provided and death awaits you all with nasty, big, pointy spikes.

What: An open roleplay event centered around a first-hand account of the corruption of the Horde by characters who lived through the story, organized by some of Feathermoon’s oldest Horde RP veterans.
Where: Meet at the Dark Portal, in the Blasted Lands. Our group will travel through the portal to the ruined Orc homeworld of Draenor where we will visit three key locations to tell the story of the Corruption of the Clans.
When: Monday, February 4th, 6:30-8:00 PM Server Time
Other Info: Q&A and some discussion are expected and encouraged. We also look forward to seeing Horde RPers from different guilds and communities within FM Horde mingling and sharing stories and casual RP with one another.

To be added to the guest list calendar event and event-time group please send an in-game, in-character RSVP to Thorgrun. Walk-up joins are welcome as well but it would be helpful for us to know how many are planning to attend in advance.

Looking forward to spending some quality Horde time together again next month!

For the Horde!!))

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