First Heroic Kill!!

Mundane things first, here is the link to the logs again.

Some fantastic work this week ladies and gentlemen, we head into the week off with 5/7 under our belt and a heroic kill on Kargath as well. I’m quite proud of the start we’ve made and hopefully when we reconvene on the second of January we can carry that momentum through.

I am also very appreciative of the effort everyone has been putting in outside of the raid to prepare each week, and I can’t stress enough how much easier this makes life for those trying to organize the raids. We really really hope this keeps up as we hit the last couple of bosses of the instance and things get a little bit more fiddly.

Personally I’m also really thankful for the teamwork already shown by everyone. It’s the one thing that you can’t accurately predict and it’s been great to see everyone come in and start working together and getting comfortable and the input has been fantastic.

As stated prior, we hope to hit the new year and work towards getting more new kills, we’ll likely come back the first night and go through the normal kills we already have under our belts just to shake some of the rust off, and then we get to move on to Ko’ragh and his juggling act. Please take the time to watch the videos, and do some research at some time over the break. Also start thinking about what your own role will be in the fights ahead.

Hopefully in the new year Megeta and Cy will be returning to the raid, as well as a couple of other new members who have been missing over the busy holiday season.  All going well, we can integrate them back into the raid smoothly and keep working toward knocking off bigger heads and getting more awesome loot.

Enjoy the well earned break, and we’ll see you early in the new year!!

Oh, and someone remind me to start taking proper kill shots… 😛


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