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The Thundering Hammer Clan is a Level 25 Horde Guild with a history going all the way back to the founding of Feathermoon. From Classic through Lich King we hosted one of the most successful and longest lived PvE raids on our server, providing access to content for literally hundreds of casual, mature players with real lives, real families and real jobs. We have also hosted one of the most legendary PvP teams our server has ever fielded, the (loved and hated) A-Team which produced ten of our server’s first fifteen High Warlords in the original Honor system.

We are a team of real-life friends on a mission to provide a roleplay friendly, PvP focused environment where a sense of comradarie and personal connection, combined with a deep respect for the history and legacy of our server (and a healthy loathing of the Alliance!) creates a community like no place else on Feathermoon.

We do not recruit characters, we recruit players. We believe that you build relationship with the player, and you play with the character – so come prepared to get to know people’s real names, and probably their kids’ names as well. We banter and have fun, be we also know when its time to get real. We maintain a mature environment, and expect maturity from our members. We face adversity and overcome it. Whining, complaining and guild drama are for Alliance guilds and we cordially invite you to faction transfer and take it over there.

If our focus and attitude doesn’t appeal to you, then we wish you the best with your current guild.

We strive to make guild life active, inclusive, and fun.  On any given night, our members are actively running BGs, instances, leveling alts, or attending guild functions to support their guild mates.

If this sounds like home to you, send an in-game mail to Thorgrun, post on our forums, or find us in game!

Finding us is easy; just /who thundering hammer and strike up a conversation with a member. He or she will chat with you, and point you in the direction of our guild leader Thorgrun/Malkavet, or one of our officers. From there, we will get you into some BGs or instance groups with some of our members, and we’ll take it from there.

Check out our links page to see us in action on the web, and to learn more about us and our members. We look forward to hearing from you!

For the Horde, bitches!

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